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The Future - Redefined

We understand that the prospect of a change in living arrangements can leave one feeling unsettled and apprehensive. Noble Resorts is changing the way people retire so they continue to live with purpose, meaningful connection, care and a sense of belonging.  

Because we’ve considered everything – from our luxurious residences with state-of-the-art amenities and equipment – to expert caregivers who are warm and empathetic, you’ll soon find all uncertainty disappears.  Combined with expertise and the flexibility to be responsive to our residents’ changing needs over time, NobleCARE is the discerning choice.  

When it comes to providing exceptional care, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work. Everyone’s needs differ, be it physical, emotional, mental, social, or medical, which is why we look at individuals holistically and tailor our care to their specific needs.  

Getting to know our residents is our foremost priority so that we understand exactly who they are. It’s knowing the intimate details – who and what is important in their lives? How do they prefer spending their time? What fills them with a sense of joy and belonging? What is their favourite food? How can we bring a smile to their face if they’re feeling down? We understand that very often it’s the little details that make all the difference and enable us to provide exceptional care, so our residents enjoy an outstanding quality of life.    

Our team of expert professionals understand that it’s not simply a matter of treating an ailment or illness. It’s about delivering exceptional care with a deep sense of compassion and kindness for the individual, with the same tenderness that they’d treat their own family.   

Feel Right at Home

You are welcome to visit your loved ones at any time. Family and friends are an integral part of our residents’ lives and are encouraged to maintain an active role. We gently reassure, build confidence in and encourage our residents to stay connected.    

It’s also a natural progression for our caregivers to feel like an extension of the family, when residents are in a loving, comfortable and supportive environment that feels just like home.  

We’re Here for You Too  

Of course, it’s normal to have questions and concerns, and you may be experiencing some uncertainty too. We understand and we’re always on hand to listen and offer support and guidance with regards to navigating the changing circumstances of your loved one.   

Taking Care of the Details  

We conduct a full medical assessment prior to a new resident joining us. And, together with the new resident, their family members and medical team, we develop a detailed care plan. This plan will document their life history, personal care needs, and medical records, along with their dislikes and preferences.

When they are ready to move in, we’ll take care of all the details so you have the opportunity to enjoy quality time together.  






NobleTASTE is a pioneering dining solution created especially for our residents experiencing cognitive decline or physical challenges. Delicious meals are provided that can be enjoyed without utensils and are intended to be eaten by hand. 

Our talented chefs and dietitians transform traditional menu items into nutritious and wonderfully appealing portions that residents can eat without assistance, utensils, or distractions. Mealtimes that were once a source of anxiety and frustration for these residents are transformed into a pleasurable and dignified experience once again.   

NobleCARE for Changing Needs 

Our level of care is what truly distinguishes Noble Resorts. We offer them five levels of NobleCARE.

Primary Care Services  

All our residents at Noble Resorts enjoy the benefits of our Primary Care Service. Noble Resorts is all about maintaining a healthy and independent lifestyle for individuals for as long as possible, while living in their own homes.  Our approach to wellbeing is proactive – we encourage and promote a healthy, active and engaged lifestyle.  

Managed Home-Based Care Services  

This is a care service performed by a qualified or enrolled nurse and/or a registered carer at an additional cost while residents continue to live in the familiar surroundings of their homes. Care is provided primarily in shifts, up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Residents enjoy the best of both worlds as they live in their homes with the comfort of knowing expertly trained carers are available to provide customised care to accommodate their needs.    

Premier Living Care Service  

Premier Living Care Services are for those who can no longer live independently. It includes additional services and benefits to make life in a more challenging time, easier. A home-based package is available as well as a dedicated in-residence service in our ten Premium Living Suites where these residents may enjoy the best of both worlds as they live independently with the comfort of knowing that they are supported where needed and that expertly trained nurses are situated nearby.

Frail Care Services  

While we encourage home-based frail care for all the benefits it delivers, we will have accommodation for residents who prefer to be cared for in a structured environment. Around the clock care will be provided by trained staff and is inclusive of all meals and laundry. Frail care in the NobleCARE unit will be for shorter-term stays only.   

Memory Care Services  

NobleCARE approach is to encourage residents to live a life close to the one that they have been accustomed to. We encourage freedom of movement, engagement, stimulation and the pursuit of all activities that bring them joy with the support and guidance of our qualified staff. We understand that dementia and Alzheimer’s affects people in different ways. Our multi-disciplinary, specialised team meticulously devises a tailored wellness and care plan to suit the individual.It is important to us that all our residents are content, and most importantly, continue to live their best life.   


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